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The monetization platform for a new era

Contentera is, at its core, a monetization platform. An API enabling media companies bridge their content with the web 3.0 and its distributed economy. Its main use is to help publishers protect content, manage consumer access and generate ad-free revenue.

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Our vision

Imagine an alternative to the traditional digital advertising model, free of invasive ads and privacy concerns. A sustainable model for both the press and content creators. Thanks to the token economy, unique and innovative approaches are now possible. No fraud, no hidden processes, a transparent revenue stream, only a decision to support a fair and innovative model: Contentera®.


Today’s problem

The digital revenue of traditional content players is tanking hard. The rise of ad-blockers, the decline in value of online advertising and finally the loss of control of both content and advertising power to social media platforms such as Facebook is driving their revenue decline with no end in sight.


Contentera’s solution

Thanks to crypto-economics, it is now possible to create alternate revenue streams for content players in ways that will forever disrupt the existing advertising model. With key partners, we will make it possible for content consumers to trade with ease their unused disk space or hardware computation performance against free access to ad-free premium content.


The longer our users enjoy it, the more we pay you back. It is that simple.
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Contentera enables you to exchange your idle CPU time, bandwith or diskspace to access a large library of advert free content. We do not compromise your privacy.



With the strength of blockchain technology, contentera is not only a transparent revenue stream, we shield from censorship and help restore trust in content.


Cloud providers

Thanks to its network of End-Users, Contentera accelerates infrastructure growth, helps with the cloud computing decentralisation and blockchain technology market adoption.


Contentera® is founded.

With blockchain technology as catalyst, we set sail to disrupt advertising as main revenue model for content publishers and producers. Q3 2017

Project validation and Partnership

Contentera is now a registered trademark.
First partnernship. Litepaper. Whitepaper. Website.
Forking Steem Blockchain. Q1-Q2 2018

Prototype and Seed Funding

Client-side app Prototyping. Pitchdeck & Seed funding. Paving the way for building our Minimum Viable Product. Q3-Q4 2018

MVP and Partnerships

A blockchain working product for our early adopters ( text articles and images to start with ). 2019

Initial Coin Offering

Contentera as Super-computer. MVP deployed on mainnet. Weekly Passive Income from Contentera profits are distributed to Node hodlers. ICO. Q3-Q4 2019

Extending the product

Video, Audio content types are added. Taping into new markets (Achieve a worldwide presence). Contentera as Distributed Cloud Service. Community gouvernance. 2020-2024